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How to Resize My Watch Band

How to Resize My Watch Band

Looking to resize your watch band? Remove the metal links at home and get the perfect fit. Watch our video below for how to resize a watch band at home.


Our Link Removing Tool makes it easy to remove links and prevent scratches and damage to the watch. First, check your watch to see which directions the pins need to be removed. Then place the watch on top of the LK3 Tool and make sure the pins will come out on the correct side. Slowly turn the pin and push the link out. Be careful to catch the pin once it is coming out of the link. 


A common question we get here at Watch Material is "What size is my watch band?" If you know the size of the watch band you are trying to replace, replacing an old watch band is pretty simple. Here is our easy step by step guide on how to measure your watch band. The first step is the find the size of the watch band you are replacing. The following instructions will help you find measure and find which size watch band is right for your watch. Measuring your watch band requires two basic steps. The first step is finding the width of the watch band.


Once you know the width of your watch band, you can find the right watch band based on size.

button-new-6mm.jpg button-new-8mm.jpg button-new10mm.jpg button-new11mm.jpg button-new12mm.jpg button-new13mm.jpgbutton-new14mm.jpg button-new15mm.jpg button-new16mm.jpg button-new17mm.jpg button-new18mm.jpg button-new19mm.jpgbutton-new20mm.jpg button-new22.jpg button-new24.jpg button-new26.jpg button-new28mm.jpg button-new30.jpg

Finding the right watch band size is usually quite easy. Take a look at the watch band you are replacing. Turn the watch band over to the inner side of the band. You might find something like the photo in step 1. On the inside of a watch band, you might find a few embossed letters, numbers, or logos. The watch band size is usually one of these numbers. On the example shown to the left, the watch band is shown to be a size 20, or size 20 mm. Most watch band width sizes will be in millimeters. If you don’t have a millimeter ruler available, you can use the inches to millimeter conversion chart that can be found below.

PLEASE NOTE: If your band is integrated with the case edge or has a unique edge, it might only be replaceable with the original band. 

If your band does not have any markings, there are a few other ways to measure the proper width of your watch band. You can either (1) measure the space on the edge of the watch band or (2) measure the space between the watch case edges.  

PLEASE NOTE: It is preferable to measure using millimeters instead of inches. If you do not have a millimeter ruler available, use the following chart to convert from inches to millimeters.

Size Conversion Chart | Inches to Millimeters

  • 5/16         8mm
  • 11/32       9mm
  • 3/8         10mm
  • 7/16        11mm
  • 15/32      12mm
  • 1 /2        13mm
  • 9/16       14mm
  • 19/32     15mm
  • 5/8        16mm    
  • 21/32     17mm
  • 11/16     18mm
  • 3/4       19mm
  • 25/32     20mm
  • 13/16     21mm
  • 7/8        22mm
  • 15/16     24mm
  •  1          26mm

Once you know the width of your watch band, you can find the right watch band based on size.

Keep in mind that these are approximate lengths. Lengths can vary slightly depending on the buckle style. Each band’s unique measurements are shown on the band product page. However, if you have any questions, please contact us at Info@watchmaterial.com

If you already have your watchband and need instructions on how to replace it, check out our guide on how to replace your watch band


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