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How to Resize My Watch Band


Looking to resize your watch band? Remove the metal links at home and get the perfect fit. Watch our video below for how to resize a watch band at home. We carry a few tools that will make it easy to remove or add links. These link remover tools come in different styles - so check out which style suits your watch best.


Our Link Removing Tool makes it easy to remove links and prevent scratches and damage to the watch. First, check your watch to see which directions the pins need to be removed. Then place the watch on top of the LK3 Tool and make sure the pins will come out on the correct side. Slowly turn the pin and push the link out. Be careful to catch the pin once it is coming out of the link. 

While the LK-3 tool is the most popular and the cheapest option, the LK-4 Plier is easier to use. The plier makes it easier to maneuver around the metal band. The plier also comes with two pin options, for different size pins. The video below goes over how to remove metal links with the LK-4 Plier. 

Some watch bands have U-shaped pins. These pins can't be pushed out in the same way as the regular split pins or screw type pins. You can tell if you have a U-shaped pin if you look at the side of the watch band - if there aren't any small spaces for pins to come in or out - chances are, these links are being held in with a U-shaped pin. The video below goes over how to remove U-shaped watch bands from metal links.



Although, there are a few ways you can shorten your metal watch band. You can remove links themselves - that's the most popular option. However, if you have a deployment clasp and need to make a minor adjustment, less than a centimeter, you can also shorten the band by moving it within the deployment clasp. The video below goes through how to shorten a metal band through the deployment clasp.