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Watch Battery Cross Reference Guide

It's helpful to know which battery models and brands are interchangable. At Watch Material we carry a variety of watch batteries that can be used for watches, hearing aids, and a variety of electronics. The following chart is to help you find the correct model number of watch battery that can be used to replace your old or used battery. 

Energizer Maxell Panasonic Other Drain: Low or High Battery Chemical System


SR754SW  WS6   Low   Silver-Oxide
315  SR716SW SP315   S320, GS5  Low   Silver-Oxide 
317 SR516SW  SP317   Low   Silver-Oxide 
319 SR527SW  SP319  CA   Low   Silver-Oxide 
321 SR616SW  SP321   Low   Silver-Oxide 
329 SR731SW  S616/DPV, DA   Low   Silver-Oxide 
335 SR512SW  SP335   Low    Silver-Oxide
337 SR416SW   Low    Silver-Oxide
339 SR614SW   Low    Silver-Oxide
341  Low    Silver-Oxide
344 SR1136SW  WS12   Low    Silver-Oxide
346 SR712SW  SP346  Low    Silver-Oxide
350 High    Silver-Oxide
357-303 MD SR44W  SP357 

EPX76/S76, J

GS13/GP57, 57 

Multi    Silver-Oxide
357-303 MD SP303  S200, 1, GS14  Multi   Silver-Oxide 
362-361 MD SR721W  SP361  Multi    Silver-Oxide
362-361 MD SR721SW  SP362  GP62, S  Multi    Silver-Oxide
364-363 MD SR621SW  SP364  GP64/SG1, T  Multi    Silver-Oxide


SR1116W  High    Silver-Oxide
366 SR1116SW  Low    Silver-Oxide