How to: Remove a U Shaped Metal Link

1st Aug 2016

On of the most common questions we get at Watch Material is how to remove metal watch band links. You can resize your watch bands by adding or removing metal links. Before you start changing our metal strap or jewelry band, it's important to know how those links are attached. There are a few different ways links are connected. The three most common link types are friction pins, screw-type pins, and u-shaped pins. 


Friction pins look like bobby pins, they can only be removed one way, and reinserted in the same direction - so it's important to be careful when removing or inserting these pins. They are designed with a slim "V" shape that is pressed into an "I" shape. This friction (hence the name, Friction Pin) is what keeps the metal links in place. You can tell if you have a friction pin if the side of your watch link has a small circle where you can push the pins out from. Make sure you push the pin out in the right direction, or the pin will break. A link removers that works for friction pins are the LK-4.


Screw pins are small screws. If you look at the metal links and see a screw-head (maybe a flat-head or phillips style head) - then you can use a small screwdriver to remove these pins. Small screwdrivers work well for these screws. 


U shaped pins are more static and (as you may have guessed) - Have a U shape. They sometimes have a large L shape as well. These are more inflexible than the other pins and are larger. For these types of pins, we recommend using a pair of pliers and a plastic tipped hammer