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  • Long Nose Pliers Front View Long Nose Pliers Side View - Main

    Long Round Nose Plier 5"

    Long Rounded Pliers - Round-nose pliers features box-joint construction, double leaf springs and PVC grip. These pliers are perfect for jewelry making.The Rounded Nose makes it easy to create loops and curves. These pliers are a useful for wire...

  • Micro Crimper Pliers | Tool for Watchmakers and Watch Repair - Main

    Micro Crimper Pliers

    A handy plier for closing crimp ends, eyelet ends, cap end, pinch clasps and crimp covers. The tool can squeeze tubes and beads into smoothly rounded crimps without the sharp jagged edges. Because of the rounded jaws, no marks or flat spots are...

  • Economical Chain Nose Pliers -PLR280.10

    Economical Chain Nose Pliers -PLR280.10

    Ecomonical Chain Nose Pliers with Serrated jaw. Handy pliers can be used for beading, opening and closing jump rings, wire wrapping.  Features Dual Leaf Spring Steel Serrated Jaws  Plier 4.5" length  

  • Diagonal Cutter Front View Diagonal Cutter Side View - Main

    Economical Diagonal Cutter Plier

    PLR766.00 - The diagonal cutter is the most commonly used cutter. Diagonal Cutter is used to cut wire or small pieces of sheetstock. The cutter is a standard bevel cut, and flush cut. The plier allows the tapered ends of the pliers allow to get into...

  • PLR800.05 Economical Flat Nose Pliers Tapered Front View PLR800.05 Economical Flat Nose Pliers Tapered Side View - Main

    Economical Flat Nose Pliers

    PLR800.05 Economical Flat Nose Pliers - The flat nose pliers are useful for a variety of tasks including bending wire, holding small items, and opening and closing jump rings. The jaws flat and not tapered. The plier comes with double-leaf springs, and...

  • Economy Round Nose Plier -PLR590.10 - Main

    Economy Round Nose Plier -PLR590.10

    The rounded plier is made to hold, shape, bend, twist, and cut . The economy made pliers are designed with a round nose and used tomake loops and curves. These pliers are a must for wire wrapping designs. The plier is 4.5" long.  Stainless...