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Clock Parts

We carry a wide range of quartz clock movements and clock inserts. Quartz clock movements are battery operated movements that can be used for DIY clocks and are commonly used in wall clocks. Quartz clock movements are used to repair or create new clocks. Quartz clock movements are preferred over mechanical clock movements or electrical clock movements because of their ability to keep time. Clock inserts are usually used for table clocks like Waterford clocks, Lenox clocks, or Seiko clocks. These traditional tabletop clocks can be replaced using a clock insert. Clock inserts come complete with the face, hands, and bezel of clock. We carry different clock inserts including clock inserts with Arabic numerals, as well as clock inserts in different colors. Clock inserts range from 7/8ths of an inch to 3.5 inches. We also carry clock keys which are used to wind grandfathers clocks.