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How to Change a Watch Band

Learning how to change a watch band is pretty simple. The first step is to identify what kind of watch band you have. Once you know the band type, it's easy to find out the best way to remove it and replace it. There are 3 main types of watch bands. Watch bands that use spring bars, quick release spring bars, and screw type bar pins. You can see examples of the three types of pins below.


The most common type of bar is a spring bar. It uses a spring mechanism to keep the bar pressed against the watch case. The simplest way to remove this type of watch band is by using a spring bar tool. Use the fork end of the spring bar and wedge it between the watch band and the watch case. Gently but firmly press the spring bar toward the other side of the watch case. It should pop out easily. 


Another type of spring bar is sometimes referred to as a quick release band. It's also sometimes called an easy change band or a quick change band. These bands have built in spring bars that allow you to move the spring bars without using a tool. They often have a tiny handle that allows you to press the spring bar with your fingers. You can find an example in the picture below.



The last type of spring bar is less common, but is often found on Gucci®, Tag Heuer®, and Cartier® watch bands. It is called a screw type bar pin. As the name implies, this bar is screwed on. You can find an example of a screw type bar in the picture below.