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Watch Movements

For the seasoned professional and watch repair enthusiast, we offer a line of watch movements. Please be advised that watch movements are NON REFUNDABLE. Please make sure you have found the correct movement model for your watch. 

Watch movements are what makes the watch tick! They are the interior mechanism of the watch that eek everything functioning. There are many different types of movements, solar powered watch movements, kinetic movements, digital watch movements, quartz watch movements, and mechanical movements. We carry only quartz watch movements and mechanical movements. Quartz watch movements keep time more accurately than other movements. They don't need to be wound, and are run by battery power. Mechanical movements come in 2 categories, automatic mechanical movements or wind up mechanical movements. Wind up movements need to be manually wound up every day. They will not be wound up with a watch winder, it needs to be done by hand. Automatic mechanical movements, however, can be wound by a watch winder. They are the only type of movement that can be wound by a watch winder.

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