How to: Resize a Metal Watch Band

26th Jun 2016

One of the most common requests we get at watchmaterial is how to resize your metal watch band. We carry a variety of tools to help you remove or add links to your watch band. Some of these tools are the LK-6, the LK-3, and the larger LK5, but our favorite starter tool is the LK-4. It makes it easy to remove metal links without having to completely disassemble the watch.

In this video we use the following tools to resize a watch band:

LK-4 Link Remover

Flat Nose Pliers

Plastic Head Hammer

We start with using the LK-4 to remove the pins from the watch band. Make sure to check the watch band for marks that will show you which direction the pins need to be removed from. (Remember! The pins will have to be reinserted in the same direction from where they came out) 

Once you've removed the amount of links you want to remove, remove the pin with the flat nose pliers. Be careful not to squeeze too hard, as this might damage the pins. 

Reinsert the pin, and use the plastic tipped hammer to lightly tap the pins back into the watch.  

And that's it! It's not hard to resize your own watch bands with the right tools and a little bit of knowledge!

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