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Oilers & Oils

Clock and watch oils are used to grease and lubricate your mechanical or quartz watches. It is mostly used for mechanical watches although there are some quartz oils available. Different types of watch oils can be used for different parts of the mechanical movements. Watch oils are great for the health of the watch because they will increase the life of the movement parts and make the parts last longer. Because of this, it is ideal to keep your watches well oiled to ensure the long life of your timepiece. High quality swiss made oils, such as the oils from Moebius are great to use for lubricating your watch parts. 

Different types of watch oils include mechanical oils, quartz watch oils, clock oils, watch lubricants (watch lubricants are silicone based), watch grease. Watch oilers are pointed instruments of varying thicknesses that are used to apply the oils to the watch parts. These precision tools transfer the watch oils in minute amounts in order to properly oil and lubricate your watch. Some oilers automatically release oil, which other oilers use oil cups. Watchmakers typically use oilers and dip them into watch oil cups. Again, this is a method for non-automatic oilers. Popular watch oils include Syntalube 9010, Syntalube 9020, and the Moebius 8000.