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New in: ETA 7750 Valjoux Parts - 7750, 7751, 7753

We're  excited to share that we have just brought it ETA Valjoux parts for models 7750, 7751, and 7753. Shop our wide selection of parts - including Barrel and Train Wheels, Center Tubes, Date Discs, Winding stems, and more. Make sure to find the perfect model by checking out our PDF GUIDE FOR VALJOUX PARTS. Once [...]

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Satin Watch Bands!

We're excited to share our collection of dreamy ladylike watch straps in satin. Available in ivory, light pink, blue, and lavendar - they're great for delicate watches. The perfect palette for spring! Shop these watches and more, and make sure to find the right size for your watch!Shop Satin Straps in    Ivory  |   Pink [...]

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FAQ: Types of Leather Watch Bands

Watch bands come in a variety of styles and materials. One of the most popular choices for replacement straps are leather watch bands. Leather watch bands are ideal for a number of reasons. They're comfortable and adjust to your wrist and they're available in many different styles, colors, and thicknesses. Most of our watchbands are [...]

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Tutorials: What is a Non-Original part?

We sometimes get questions about generic, non generic, original, and genuine. What do these labels mean? On our site, we refer to these words to describe a product's origin and manufacturer. The terms "Generic", "Non-original", and "non-OEM" all mean that these are NOT manufactured by the original brand. For example, we carry a variety of [...]

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