Instructions: How to Remove a Leather Watch Band

It's back to basics with our latest instructional video. If you're not a watchmaker, chances are, changing a leather watch band might be something new. It doesn't have to be difficult though. We've created a series of instructional videos focusing on watch repair and DIY work. In our first video, we discuss how to remove a leather watch band. 

In the video we cover the 3 basic types of spring bars for leather bands. These include regular spring bars, quick release spring bars, and screw type spring bars. You can remove regular spring bars with a spring bar removing tool. Using the fork end, you can push the bar back into itself, and it should easily pop out. 

If you have a quick release band - you don't need any tools. Use something sharp (your fingernails are even ok) to push the spring bar in, and it should quickly pop out as well. That's why they're called Quick Release!

We'll be releasing a series of beginners to advanced DIY watch repair videos throughout the next few months - so stay tuned and let us know what you think!