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  • GoldSMITH Hammer -HAM7 - Main

    Goldsmith Hammer

    Hammer features a wood handle with steel head that has a chisel shaped end and flat on the other side. Hammer head measures 3" inches in length by 5/8" and wood handle measure 12". Perfect tool for jewelry repair and watchmaking.

  • Hammer  Brass Head & Plastic -HAM4 - Main

    Hammer Brass & Plastic Heads

    HAMMER STEEL HANDLE BRASS HEAD PLASTIC ONE SIDE PLASTIC IS IDEAL FOR LINKS AND DOES NOT SCRATCH 10" TOTAL LENGTH 5/8 DIAMETER OF THE HEAD Versatile hammer with interchangeable faces to provide any combination desired. Replacement faces available to allow...

  • Hammer ALUMINUM Brass Head & Plastic -HAM1 - Main

    Hammer Aluminum Brass Head & Plastic

    The light weight Micro Hammer is made of aluminium with a brass head and one side plastic. This tool is ideal for removing small links or small intricate projects. The plastic helps not to scratch. Hammer measures:  10" Length 5/8 Diameterof Head


A watch repair hammer should be sleek, strong, and accurate. These watchmaker's hammers or mallets are useful for working with small watches and timepieces. Watch Material offers a wide selection of mini hammers in many different designs for those intricate jobs. Watch repair hammers are designed with steel, plastic, or brass. Plastic tipped hammers are great because they prevent watches from scratching. Plastic tipped watch repair hammers are great for re-inserting metal pins. Steel handle hammers are built to last.