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Micro pecision screwdrivers are used to repair watches tighten eyeglass screws and to repair electronics. We carry a huge variety of flat head screw drivers and phillips cross head screwdrivers. We also carry ergonamic Bergeon screwdrivers individually or in sets for the professional user. Also available is economical line of mini screwdiver sets for the hobbiest to build a model car or for all small projects that need a mini screwdrivers to assemble.

Screwdirvers come in with different metal blades such as steel or stainless steel, you can buy these blades by size seperately as you need them. We also have a screw driver sharpener which can be used periodically to keep the blades sharp. Screwdrivers are available in different features such as: rubber grips, rotating heads, ergonamic, high torque, non magnetic.